Dexter Glass

Dexter Glass - work that combines flameworked and blown glass components. Sometimes internal light is added to create a unique piece. Metal structures help to unite the glass components. Often recovered materials are used as elements in the assembly.

Some pieces explore combinations of biology and technology. Methods of propagation are suggested when the contents of a creature's body are strewn onto the ground or leak from a pierced side.

Other pieces are purely abstract and explore the power of glass to refract light and utilize layers that contain frozen movement and color. 

Dexter Glass Too features jewelry created from flameworked beads. 

Dexter Glass showed a piece in the 2013 Grand Rapids Art Prize (Art Prize Site). The work entitled "Bio-Constructives" was part of the collection shown at the Cathedral Square - Exhibition Center.  Information can be found at: Art Prize artist's page.

2013 was my fourth year showing at AP.

I am hoping to secure a venue for this year's Art Prize. Here is the Art Prize page for piece I hope to show, called "Neural Palimpsest".

DexterGlass Too jewelry items are for sale at the Dexter Picture Frame Shop.